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Broadway Region

What is the Upper Land Park/Broadway Planning Initiative?

In 2013 the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency secured over $1 Million dollars, including a $500,000 federal grant and over $500,000 in local and developer matching funds, to create a neighborhood revitalization plan for Marina Vista and Alder Grove – the low-income public housing communities near The Mill at Broadway. The planning process to revitalize the two communities into renewed mixed-income neighborhoods is currently underway, with the plan being submitted to HUD in the fall of 2015. This plan will see Marina Vista and Alder Grove reimagined as high-quality, environmentally-sustainable mixed-income communities that are physically and socially integrated with the surrounding neighborhoods. This revitalization plan will result in benefits for the entire area.

More details on this exciting revitalization effort can be found by visiting the following link: http://www.ulpbroadway.com

Any additional questions regarding the Upper Land Park/Broadway Planning initiative can be forwarded to:

Celia Yniguez, Program Manager
Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
(916) 440-1350
[email protected]

What’s happening with the greater Broadway District?

“News Flash! The Kitchen coming to the West end of Broadway“
Follow link to the story in the Sacramento Bee:

This is an exciting time for the Broadway District. The Mill at Broadway is one of the early significant improvements along the West End of Broadway, with a number of other efforts underway to beautify, modernize and make Broadway more of a destination for downtown residents and visitors. From the Triangle and Old Soul in the east, Tower Theater and Café at 16th Street, and The Bright Underbelly and huge farmers market under the freeway at 6th Street, the Greater Broadway District is emerging as a major driver to the forthcoming change. The city has been open to new development and improving the area, and we are excited to be instrumental in these efforts!

There are several significant improvements to the area along Broadway being considered or actively being pursued by the city and other agencies.

  • A bridge that connects Broadway to West Sacramento over the river
  • Trolley cars on Broadway
  • The “Bright Underbelly” art mural under the freeway
  • New restaurants
  • New buildings planned for the area

For more information and updates on these and other developments, frequent the following websites:





Is The Mill at Broadway working to improve Leataata Floyd Elementary School near the community?

Yes – and we are excited to be positively effecting change for Leataata Floyd. First, our team, the City and the School District recognized the opportunity to combine efforts to create terrific green spaces and to provide strong support for the neighborhood schools. In an unprecedented way, the City and School District agreed to use the Park and School development fees imposed on The Mill at Broadway to build a new park, create a 2.5 acre urban farm and community garden and to improve the 18 acre school site to benefit everyone. To our knowledge, this is a unique and innovative partnership between the new community, the City and the School District– which directly supports Leataata Floyd Elementary School as well as the adjacent Health Professionals magnet high school.

What about the industrial operations surrounding The Mill at Broadway?

Some of the industrial operations on the east side of 5th street will eventually become part of The Mill at Broadway, with an estimated 200 additional homes. Other areas east of the development along Broadway are being improved over the next few years, with the city highly motivated to bring new life to that region.

The current industrial operations west of The Mill at Broadway’s initial offering will be replaced with housing as part of The Mill at Broadway’s latter phases.

Are there existing or future plans for more retail or other improvements in the immediate area of the project?

Creating a community that is walkable is one of our primary goals. We are implementing a centrally-located public market on-site that will allow you to purchase grocery and produce items, drinks, and more, and we are also installing a new bike path that connects the community to the River Promenade and Old Sacramento (see website map for interactive view of stores, restaurants, and attractions in the vicinity of The Mill at Broadway). In time there will be lots of new activity around Broadway with the insurgence of life that is being introduced, as evidenced by recent announcements about the reopening of Joe Marty’s and pending move of the Kitchen on the Broadway corridor.

“Sacramento’s The Kitchen restaurant is moving to Broadway”: http://www.sacbee.com/news/business/article19424082.html

“Sacramento sports bar Joe Marty’s set to come back swinging”: http://www.sacbee.com/news/business/article18443918.html


Will the homes include any energy efficient and “green” features?

We are passionate about using resources responsibly and have implemented a number of “green” and energy efficient elements into our homes. This includes offering solar options, installing high efficiency heating and air conditioning units, implementing tankless water heaters, using LED lighting throughout the homes, and using low-flow water fixtures. The homes will also offer recycled materials, such as carpeting made from recycled materials.

Throughout the community, LED street lighting will be used, as well as low-voltage pathway lighting. Permeable paver streets will allow for rainwater to percolate back into the ground on the site, keeping water in the region rather than draining to the river and eventually the ocean. We are looking to climate appropriate plantings for the community landscaping, paired with efficient drip systems, to consciously value water as the precious resource it is.

Aren’t we in the middle of a drought? Why are new homes being built?

Very little water is used during the homebuilding process and we are working to conserve as many resources as possible. The homes at The Mill at Broadway will be very water efficient, offering state-of-the-art low-flow fixtures.

Good urban planning suggests that higher density urban housing communities are much more water efficient than standard suburban single-family homes since there is less landscaping to care for and upkeep. Permeable paver streets in The Mill at Broadway will allow for rainwater to percolate back into the ground on the site, keeping water in the area rather than draining to the river and eventually the ocean. Climate appropriate plantings are designed for the community landscaping, paired with efficient drip systems, to consciously value water as the precious resource it is.

Ultimately, the best way to conserve all available resources is to develop urban, high-density housing like The Mill at Broadway. Multiple SACOG studies have shown developments like The Mill at Broadway have the lowest long-term impact on the environment. If an individual moves to The Mill at Broadway from a suburban single-family residence or from an apartment in the area that was built prior to 2005, they will be using significantly less water in their daily activities.

We are proud of our efforts to conserve resources and provide environmentally-conscious housing to Sacramento.


Who is The Mill at Broadway for? Can anyone be a part of the community?

It’s not your generational designation that defines you. It’s your heart. If it’s in your heart to live urban, connected, and untethered then The Mill at Broadway has the perfect place for you!

How can I stay on top of all the latest information and developments at The Mill at Broadway?

It’s easy! Just join our interest list. We’ll be sure to send you the latest information and developments. Joining the interest list also gives you exclusive access to a pre-sales event where you can reserve your desired home before sales open to the general public.

Are any individuals being displaced by The Mill at Broadway?

No home-owners or renters are being displaced by The Mill at Broadway. The community is being developed on reclaimed land that included outdated industrial buildings – not housing. These industrial buildings are being torn down in order to allow for The Mill at Broadway, with some of the material from these old buildings being reused on site at The Mill at Broadway.

What about roommates at The Mill at Broadway?

We anticipated that some Mill at Broadway homeowners and households may include sharing the home with other adult family members, friends, or roommates. Many of the homes have been designed with this option in mind, creating dual-master bedroom homes which can comfortably accommodate private bedrooms and bathrooms for separate housemates.

What’s the exact address of The Mill at Broadway?

The Mill at Broadway is located in Sacramento south of Broadway between 3rd and 5th streets. View a map by clicking here.

Will the public market planned for The Mill at Broadway be open to the general public?

In a word – yes. The market in The Mill at Broadway community will be a local attraction for residents and the general public, just like other Farmers’ Markets in the region. Produce, food, drinks, crafts and other items will be featured at the market.

Sales and Costs

What are the monthly HOA fees?

The Mill at Broadway is proud to offer low HOA fees that bring real value to the homeowner! Our current HOA fees for the Lane Homes and Cottages range from $140 to $170 per month. However, the HOA owns the fiber optic network and facilities that deliver Internet, phone and TV service to the community, meaning when you pay your Internet bill a portion goes right back to your HOA. This will allow the HOA fees to be reduced over time as more residents move in and subscribe to the fiber optic network services.

Traffic and Transportation

In addition to the garages, what sort of parking will be available?

The streets in the community are private roads wide enough to support parking along the street, similar to what you would expect to see in any housing community. Festival Way, along the future Public Market, provides an additional parking area for customers and residents.

How will I enter and exit the community? Are surrounding roads ready for additional traffic?

The city has examined the anticipated impact the community will have on surrounding roads and determined them sufficient to handle any additional traffic from The Mill at Broadway. The community will have multiple exits onto 5th Street, as well as an exit directly on Broadway from 3rd Street. City plans are in the works to improve Broadway, making it friendlier for bicycle and foot traffic as well as vehicular traffic.

Find out more information here: sacramentobroadway.com

For information on the Broadway Bridge Concept Design, see: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article2609261.html

Will The Mill at Broadway contribute to our already over-crowded freeways and roads?

Traffic studies have shown that people living in The Mill at Broadway will likely work and play in the greater Downtown Sacramento region, often referred to as the Central City. Good urban planning suggest this would actually result in less traffic on surrounding freeways since less commuting would be required. Additionally, bike and walking trails are being installed in The Mill at Broadway that will connect to downtown, giving people the option to bike or walk into downtown, keeping cars off the road.

The city has examined the anticipated impact the community will have on surrounding roads and deemed them sufficient to handle any additional traffic from The Mill at Broadway.