How did The Mill get its name? It’s rooted deep in Sacramento’s history. The land where The Mill at Broadway is built has a unique story important to not only the Sacramento region, but to the world. Read on to learn the rich heritage of The Mill at Broadway.


1926 a saw mill began

Before Downtown had high-rises, before Broadway was Broadway, before hops farms were transformed into Land Park, a young man opened a sawmill. Nestled on the southern border of downtown where the river curves and heads south, this sawmill brought new life to the region. The warm rich smell of pine and the bright metallic whir of saw blades flourished. There, they turned the raw felled trees of the Sierra Nevada into fruit crates that travelled the world. These crates were filled with tomatoes, almonds, pears, asparagus, peaches, and much more. Some crossed the country by train, others ventured to Europe by boat, and many filled the tables of Sacramento homes.


Forward in history

As time progressed, Sacramento’s grid filled out and Land Park spread north to meet it at Broadway. The sawmill began to evolve, making door and window frames, then lumber and ornate crown molding, and the company continued to grow.


2015 | the mill at broadway

Today, The Mill at Broadway completes the metamorphosis as beautiful new homes inherit the sawmill’s site. Like the final piece in a jigsaw puzzle, it weaves the grid and Land Park communities back together bringing a sense of completeness and renewed life.