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Welcome to The Mill

Renting has become the new normal for the next generation of homeowners – not out of desire but rather out of necessity. It has become common to settle for living to sustain the present rather than living in pursuit of the future. Living this way ends up costing us future opportunity, is less financially effective, and robs one of the pure enjoyment of living in an exciting new home.

As the planners, developers, architects and visionaries behind The Mill, we aim to change that. Just because school debt, job hunting, or the fear of being tied down has dictated how the millennial generation should live doesn’t mean they have to actually live that way. We saw another option and have worked for the past five years to see that option come to life as The Mill at Broadway.

We also see The Mill as being a perfect fit for today’s empty nesters and others that have found themselves in houses larger than needed; houses that require more time, energy, resources and finances to support and maintain. We feel The Mill is the perfect solution in this scenario.

The Mill at Broadway is an urban community inspired by the idea of living connected, untethered, and free, regardless of what walk of life you are on. We are so excited to be able to realize our vision of bringing a unique community to Downtown Sacramento that will literally redefine what it means to be a homeowner.

This community isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who crave a life of freedom; for those ready for the next chapter in their story; for those ready for their next adventure and not willing to be so rooted down that they feel boxed in.

Keep watch for more details and be sure to sign up to our interest list to gain exclusive opportunities and financial incentives not available to the general public.


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Ranch Capital, LLC


Ranch Capital is a private equity firm founded in October 2002 that specializes in unique investments that represent significant growth opportunities or are undervalued, out of favor, or in need of financial or operational restructuring. Ranch has developed a specialized expertise in residential real estate land opportunities in California and Colorado.

Founders Lawrence Hershfield and Randall Jenson, possess more than 30 years of relevant senior management experience in leading, managing, operating, improving and investing in companies and projects.

Since its inception, Ranch and its partners have committed approximately $2 billion, including significant investments in companies or assets in Real Estate, Financial Services, Energy, Mining, Transportation, and Gaming. Investments to date have ranged in size from $1 million to over $500 million.

Bardis Homes

Master Builder

With nearly 50 years of experience developing land and building more than 10,000 homes throughout California, Nevada, and Idaho, the Bardis family understands the nuances of homebuilding and what it takes to be a successful builder. Utilizing their family’s extensive knowledge and experience, Rachel and Katherine Bardis are reimagining the building process with Bardis Homes.

By gaining insight from industry professionals throughout the nation, touring award-winning new home developments, as well as testing the demands of their current buyers, Rachel and Katherine constantly work to understand how homes are lived in and work to build homes that satisfy the demands of 21st century living.

Bardis Homes are thoughtfully designed with modern-day amenities and a conscious sense of space. From quality fixtures to a myriad of practical amenities, every Bardis home feels like no other home available today. While maintaining industry strong techniques, Rachel and Katherine make sure every home is creatively designed and carefully built, with a fresh perspective.

Bardis Homes is focused on maintaining a steady, sustainable growth to building homes throughout the Sacramento region with the goal of developing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with key building partners and establishing itself as the builder of choice for Northern California families.

Jeffrey DeMure + Associates


Jeffrey DeMure + Associates practices the art, science and relationship of architecture. Building great relationships is part of its DNA. It’s so important that if the team members at JD+A feel they’re not the right fit for you, they will tell you. JD+A seeks to fully understand its clients, what makes them tick, and how it can help them be successful. JD+A is a highly creative design studio with the emotional intelligence and backstage talent to pull it off.

Creating the architectural concept for The Mill has been a highly collaborative process with Bardis Homes, the Master Builder of the project. As JD+A worked through its discovery process of figuring out the who, what, when, where, and above all, the WHY of the project, it evolved into this amazing place that’s so cool – everyone will want to live there.

Ellis Architects


Ellis Architects is a full-service architectural design firm founded in 2007. With a small team of talented professionals, Ellis Architects is able to provide clients a customized and personal approach with experience in a diverse range of project types and sizes.

At the head of Ellis Architects is Sarah Ellis, a versatile architect who has designed and managed a variety of project types including mixed-use developments, community centers, custom homes, retail, restaurant and office buildings. Sarah brings a hands-on presence to projects and is adept at synthesizing the diverse voices that play into a project’s success. She enjoys helping clients realize projects that exceed their expectations and is passionate about quality design and sustainable architecture.

Sarah is a registered architect in both California and Nevada, certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Board and a LEED Accredited Professional since 2004.

LC Studio Tutto

Community Muralists

LC is an art and design team comprised of Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel.
Together they create public art, murals and installations for a wide range of audiences and spaces. With a focus on the whole environment, LC transforms spaces to create beauty as well as tell a story that reminds viewers to be conscious and present of their natural surroundings.

LC has collaborated with a variety of artists, cities and companies, translating feelings and ideas into works of art in the public realm. In addition, LC has spearheaded projects of their own, developing and funding artwork for some of Sacramento’s most blighted areas. Together LC has created over sixty murals and interactive installations throughout Northern California.